Bastiaan Woudt


Favourite Fashion Designer: Issey Miyake // Favourite Photographer: Irving Penn
Favourite Architect: Vincent van Duysen // Favourite Artist: Richard Serra

Of course, we all know Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987, Netherlands), a high-end Dutch art photographer from Alkmaar. You can see him running up and down the stairs of his sleek dark cave, aka his studio and home to his recently established business - 1605 Publishers.

For 10 years Bastiaan, with the help of the camera and post-production techniques, has been creating elegant monochrome symphonies with this, sharing his contemporary view on the classical composition and providing the spectator with a unique aesthetic experience. In addition to his art career, last year, he also refined his business side. Equipped with refined taste, strong work ethics, in addition to his entrepreneurial edge, he founded 1605 Publishers: a publishing house and art platform. Shortly after its start, art and photography books crafted there, have been already embellishing homes, design studios and business spaces around the world. And this is only the beginning of Bastiaan's journey. 

Having both artistic and entrepreneurial sides, Woudt worked hard on laying a foundation for 1605 Publishers. Being a platform that celebrates high aesthetics and showcases new and established artists, the space is also a publishing house, a webshop and a source of inspiration for everyone who shares Bastiaan Woudt's deep-rooted love for fine art books and flawless minimalistic design items of splendid quality and with an exclusive feel. If you are looking for unique inspiration, an art read, or willing to discover alluring fresh talents, is the platform for you.

Janneke Schrey

Creative Director

Favourite Fashion Designer: Maison Margiela // Favourite Photographer: Antoine D'agata
Favourite Architect: Reza Mohtashami // Favourite Artist: Hannah Wilke

Always impeccably dressed in a monochrome palette, you see Janneke as soon as you walk upstairs in the office of 1605 Publishers. Sitting in front of a big screen with Photoshop and InDesign tabs popping up, interchanging rapidly with different images and fonts, you guess almost immediately, Janneke Schrey (b. 1986, Germany/Netherlands) is the heart of the company - its creative director.  

With a strong interest in fashion and a background in Design and Photography, since a very young age, she has always been fascinated by the beauty in the details of one of her grandfather's publicity agencies and shapes, forms and blueprints of the office of her other grandfather, an architect. "Fondness of high-end aesthetics and design runs in the family" - explains Janneke, whose mother is an architectural designer and great great grandfather operated a printing industry in Haarlem in the 60s.

When she was 17, her future career path was already crystal clear. "I wanted to be a graphic designer, so that's how I ended up at Grafisch Lyceum Amsterdam (now Mediacollege Amsterdam)". After years of studies and work experience in the field, Janneke opened a concept fashion store in Alkmaar (NL) where her love for Scandinavian design, innovative approach and creative ideas intersected. "Clothing is a self-expression just like art. The way you dress tells about your personality and your oeuvre. That's why there is more to the clothing that meets the eye", states Janneke, an admirer of Martin Margiela and Acne Studios. Along with an appreciation for trends and fashion, Janneke's strategic set of mind and passion for brand development, made her store stand out from the crowd. With her exceptional eye for detail, she created an environment that wasn't just about clothing. It became an aesthetically alluring place where design, fashion and elegance go hand in hand.

10 years later, when Janneke had 6 shops, 2 awards (Best Retail Innovation in 2013 and Retailer of the Year in 2017) and a team of 20 people to manage. The fashion enterprise got more popular than she had imagined. However, for an ambitious and creative entrepreneur like Janneke, this wasn't enough. In 2018, her zeal for beautiful images led her to a renowned Amsterdam Fotoacademie where she completed a semester of studies. Following this path, in 2019, she started working alongside her already favourite photographer, Bastiaan Woudt. This was a pivotal moment when two entrepreneurial and artistic minds merged. In 2020, together with Bastiaan, she founded 1605 Publishers: a platform focused on creating, conceiving, designing and publishing high-quality art books and representing the work of talented artists within these publications.

Alex Blanco

Content Manager

Favourite Fashion Designer: Rei Kawakubo // Favourite Photographer: Viviane Sassen
Favourite Architect: Lina Bo Bardi // Favourite Artist: Tracey Emin

Alex Blanco (b. 1988 Ukraine/Brazil) the newest addition to the 1605 team. With a love for photography and background in Journalism - HND London College UCK (London, UK) and BA in Journalism, Anhembi Morumbi University (São Paulo, Brazil) - she came to the Netherlands 7 years ago to expand her academic knowledge. In 2018, she joined the Master's Programme in Film & Photographic Studies at Leiden University and focused on how gender is represented in the print media in the Netherlands. In São Paulo, Brazil, where Alex lived before, she worked as a reporter for Cosmopolitan and Elle Brazil which encouraged her to deepen the research in print media, especially, the representation of women on magazine covers. 

Alongside her studies, she continued practicing photography creating the "Meat, Fish and Aubergine Caviar", project which communicates the relationship with her parents. The body of work won several International awards and this year will be showcased at the International Photography Festival: PHOTO IS:RAEL. Alex is also listed as the "One to Watch 2021 photo talent" by The British Journal of Photography.

In addition to her academic and photographic career, Alex has been always interested in photobooks, as the main source of inspiration. Apart from having an extensive book collection at home, she also manages a YouTube channel where she reviews her favourite titles. Being creative and technically savvy helped Alex to find her dream job at 1605 Publishers. In the company, she is in charge of content. Read her exclusive interviews and art related articles in the Magazine section and follow 1605 Publishers on Instagram to recharge your inspiration by specially prepared by Alex posts.