Our Story

1605 Publishers, founded in 2020 by photographer Bastiaan Woudt, strives to be a platform that celebrates young and renowned talents within the worlds of Art, Architecture and Design.

The platform showcases these visionaries through art books, in-depth interviews, documentary-style short films, social media inspiration and magazines (print/digital). Bastiaan Woudt's love for high aesthetics forms the driving force behind the operation.

Apart from being a strong online platform, 1605 Publishers has a great focus on creating, conceiving, designing and publishing diverse high-quality art books. Our goal is to represent the work of artists from all walks of life within our books and publicise it worldwide.

We of 1605 Publishers believe in only the highest quality books. From graphic design and printing to binding and distribution, everything has to be right and taken care of down to the last detail. We work with the best printers and bookbinders and through the right distribution, we want to offer our artists the supporting platform that will bring them national and international recognition. We work only with high-end online and offline shops. These include specialised art bookstores, concept stores and bookshops.