1605 is a publishing house and platform with a distinct curatorial eye for timeless elegance and aesthetic minimalism. Moving between the realms of art, photography, architecture and design, we create a stage for talent that deserves to be seen and celebrated.

By virtue of our online outlets and print publications we offer a glimpse into their work and thoughts. Whether it be an art book, a short documentary or an online interview; we seek to endlessly expand our universe of inspiration – and therefore yours.


Our website and social media are a premier online resource for those with a discerning taste. From in-depth longreads to nifty bookstands, our content and products are sure to please the eye and soul.


Our annual theme-based magazine highlights the people that define our world through captivating articles and beautiful imagery. A limited edition publication, the magazine doubles as a collectible.


Our books are products of passion and bring an abundance of beauty and inspiration with every page. Each title exudes a unique energy, while staying truthful to our editorial signature and quality.