• László Moholy-Nagy | Light Space Modulator

    László Moholy-Nagy | Light Space Modulator

    As a painter and photographer Moholy-Nagy worked predominantly with light. He experimented with photograms, images composed by placing objects directly on light-sensitive paper, and he constructed “light-space modulators,” oil paintings on transparent or polished surfaces that included mobile light effects. He became one of the most famous artists associated with the Bauhaus. However, he was never much liked by his colleagues at the...
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  • Noémie Goudal | Portfolio

    Noémie Goudal | Portfolio

    The artistic practice of Noémie Goudal involves the construction of ambitious staged, illusionistic installations within the landscape, documented using film and photography. Her interventions are under pinned by rigorous research examining the intersection of ecology and anthropology.
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  • 6 Book Temples Around the World

    6 Book Temples Around the World

    Travelling and visiting unique bookshops is something that we all like doing. You never know what gem you can find in a hidden book venue somewhere in Paris or on a sunny holiday in Greece. It could be your favourite signed photobook or a rare art catalogue. 1605 Publishers have prepared a list of 6 sui generis book temples around...
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  • Richard Serra | Portfolio

    Richard Serra | Portfolio

    Interdisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in New York. He has produced large-scale, site-specific sculptures for architectural, urban, and landscape settings and radicalised and extended the definition of sculpture with his early experiments with rubber, neon which resulted in his large-scale steel works.
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  • 5 Black Artist You Should Know

    5 Black Artist You Should Know

    It is impossible to put in one post all the brilliant and inspiring Black artists from the fields of photography, art, design, cinema and architecture, however, 1605 Publishers prepared the list of 5 Black artist that we honour and admire: Zanele Muholi, Gordon Parks, Steve McQueen, Amy Sherald and Tyler Mitchell.
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  • After Beauty | Interview with Maura Sullivan

    After Beauty | Interview with Maura Sullivan

    Interview with Maura Sullivan about her new book published by 1605 Publishers, "After Beauty". Maura has graduated from Syracuse University and studied at the International Center of Photography in New York. Her main inspiration, when it comes to art creation, is poetry and silent meditative walks around her hometown, New York. Sullivan loves discovering hidden places of the metropolis where...
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  • Katrien de Blauwer

    Saar De Permentier: interview

    Gallery FIFTY ONE in Antwerp, Belgium, specialises on fine art photography and drawings on paper. It represents Katrien De Blauwer, Masao Yamamoto, Harry Gruyaert, Eric Manigaud to name just a few. Read the interview with the gallery assistant director Saar De Permentier and discover more about gallery's work.
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  • Best Winter Films

    Best Winter Films

    Here at 1605 Publishers, we have prepared a special kind of selection for you. Our list consists of 7 most inspiring films from horror, drama and meditative experience to a love story from different corner of the world. They all are slightly on the darker side, with vivid dramatic imagery and breathtaking soundtracks.
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  • Winter palette

    Winter palette

    1605 Publishers has prepared for you an inspiring winter palette of 5 of our favourite artists whose work deeply touches us, warms our creative minds and directs us towards the light during these long dark winter days. Enjoy the work by Masao Yamamoto, Pentti Sammallahti, Tacita Dean, Saul Leiter and Cy Twombly.
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  • Paul Cupido: interview

    Paul Cupido: interview

    In his exclusive interview for 1605 Publishers, Dutch photographer Paul Cupido reveals how to grasp the right mood that puts you on a creative path without surrounding yourself with cluttered inspiration. He talks about his 2 recently published books "Mukayu" and "4 a.m." and his workflow during the global pandemic.
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  • Gerhard Richter: an art journey

    Gerhard Richter: an art journey

    Gerhard Richter is an artist famous for his photorealistic paintings. He is one of the most important contemporary artists and several of his works have set record prices at auctions. Throughout his career, Richter has been working across two mediums: photography and painting. In his eyes, they completed each other.
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  • The Charcoal Reality: Robert Longo

    The Charcoal Reality: Robert Longo

    Robert Longo (b. 1953, United States) is an artist from Long Island, New York. He is famous for his hyperreal charcoal drawings focused on political topics, reason, intuition, fantasy, and power. He graduated high school in 1970, the same year as the Kent State University Massacre in Ohio, which started as a student protest against the United States invasion of Cambodia and led...
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  • Three art books for inspiration

    Three art books for inspiration

    1605 Publishers selected three favourite art books that can be useful for anyone who works with art from artists themselves to designers and even brand strategists. "The Story of Art" by Ernst Gombrich⁠, "Mathematics and Art: A Cultural History" by Lynn Gamwell, "A Dictionary of Colour Combinations" by Sanzo Wada.
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