• 5 Best Architects to Follow

    5 Best Architects to Follow

    From skyscrapers to creative home designs, modern architects play a big role in the shape of our landscape and our emotional and creative development. In order to keep your inspiration flowing, we've prepared a list of the best contemporary architects with some of the most creative designs for you to explore. Follow them on Instagram for your daily dose of original ideas....
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  • Spring palette | Refuge

    Spring palette | Refuge

    Every season at 1605 Publishers, we create a list of artist from the fields of art, photography, cinema and architecture that bring us inspiration. Our spring palette is dedicated to the artists from the countries that account for the most refugees in the world today: Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Ukraine.
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  • 6 Book Temples Around the World

    6 Book Temples Around the World

    Travelling and visiting unique bookshops is something that we all like doing. You never know what gem you can find in a hidden book venue somewhere in Paris or on a sunny holiday in Greece. It could be your favourite signed photobook or a rare art catalogue. 1605 Publishers have prepared a list of 6 sui generis book temples around...
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  • 5 Black Artist You Should Know

    5 Black Artist You Should Know

    It is impossible to put in one post all the brilliant and inspiring Black artists from the fields of photography, art, design, cinema and architecture, however, 1605 Publishers prepared the list of 5 Black artist that we honour and admire: Zanele Muholi, Gordon Parks, Steve McQueen, Amy Sherald and Tyler Mitchell.
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  • Best Winter Films

    Best Winter Films

    Here at 1605 Publishers, we have prepared a special kind of selection for you. Our list consists of 7 most inspiring films from horror, drama and meditative experience to a love story from different corner of the world. They all are slightly on the darker side, with vivid dramatic imagery and breathtaking soundtracks.
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  • Winter palette

    Winter palette

    1605 Publishers has prepared for you an inspiring winter palette of 5 of our favourite artists whose work deeply touches us, warms our creative minds and directs us towards the light during these long dark winter days. Enjoy the work by Masao Yamamoto, Pentti Sammallahti, Tacita Dean, Saul Leiter and Cy Twombly.
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  • Gerhard Richter: an art journey

    Gerhard Richter: an art journey

    Gerhard Richter is an artist famous for his photorealistic paintings. He is one of the most important contemporary artists and several of his works have set record prices at auctions. Throughout his career, Richter has been working across two mediums: photography and painting. In his eyes, they completed each other.
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  • The Charcoal Reality: Robert Longo

    The Charcoal Reality: Robert Longo

    Robert Longo (b. 1953, United States) is an artist from Long Island, New York. He is famous for his hyperreal charcoal drawings focused on political topics, reason, intuition, fantasy, and power. He graduated high school in 1970, the same year as the Kent State University Massacre in Ohio, which started as a student protest against the United States invasion of Cambodia and led...
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  • Mark Rothko | Beyond the colour

    Mark Rothko | Beyond the colour

    Born in1903, Mark Rothko would be 118 today. He tragically ended his life at the age of 66, leaving us with 836 known paintings that were created over his life span. This is around 18 paintings a year, more than one per month. Despite his dedication and intense art production, Mark Rothko didn't attend an art school. However, he has always been associated with...
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  • Paulisson Miura - Lina Bo Bardi, SESC Pompéia

    Who is Lina Bo Bardi?

    Famous works: SESC Pompéia (1986), Glass House/Casa de Vidro (1951), MASP/Sao Paulo Museum of Art (1960) Architects inspired by Lina Bo Bardi: Kazuyo Sejima, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Women in architecture We live in the era of feminism and female empowerment. But how many of us can actually name off the top of our head a famous woman architect, designer, or photographer? Not...
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  • Three best inspirational movies

    Three best inspirational movies

    Nothing inspires better than a good movie. 1605 Publishers presents the three best inspirational movies of all time. They aren't just any regular movies but real art pieces, moving photographs and a storehouse of countless ideas, dreams and inspiration. Last Year in Marienbad, The Seventh Seal and Nostalghia.
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